Real Poker and Copag announce club-focused custom deck

Real Poker and Copag created a poker club-focused customizable deck. The Professional Poker Deck contains UV marking and is composed of high-quality PVC. 

This deck gives clubs and fair-game fans legitimacy and allows Real Poker to promote its brand.Strengthen the brand, offer enjoyment, and give value-added delights. 

It's a product that aims to provide delight to leisure time, boost a company's reputation, and demonstrate how innovative it is. Real Poker, official table and chip producer 

of the WSOP Brazil and BSOP, created its new end-consumer product.
The Professional Poker Deck is comprised of UV-marked PVC. 

Card games are a type of sociability and mental activity that build friendships and family gatherings. Always original and excellent while boosting the company's image.

Copag helped pick and produce an unique deck with elegant packaging. The firm has all the credentials that verify its goods' and processes' social and environmental responsibility.