Rob Gronkowski's return defies the odds.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers are still processing Rob Gronkowski's decision to retire for a second time.

Gronkowski toyed with the notion throughout the summer, but no one anticipated he would retire once Tom Brady returned to the Buccaneers.

The issue now is whether Gronk can remain off the field this autumn or will he unretire again. His declaration seemed sincere a few weeks ago, but you can never be sure in modern sports.

The oddsmakers in Vegas are giving this one some wiggle room. Gronkowski has +135 chances to unretire in 2022, per OddsChecker.

 In implies he'll play football 43.5% of the time this autumn. On the other hand, OddsChecker gives Gronkowski -175 odds or a 56.5% probability of staying retired.

During the same time, he's said he won't need much to get back in shape. Gronkowski might skip training camp before the fall season.