Scratching in a Student's Backpack stuns Teachers

He apparently took show and tell too seriously.It's no secret that kids enjoy showing and telling at school.

They enjoy sharing a special item from home with their classmates and teachers.

But one little boy didn't quite get the assignment, or did he? In a video posted on TikTok by @lifeisbetterlaughingg, a teacher searches frantically for a scratch in a row of backpacks.

Since late March, the clip has gotten over 8.7 million views. The video says, "I was silently working on computers while the kids were at gym.

We kept hearing scratching sounds, so we checked all the backpacks." See what they found in the video.

Aww! He brought his pet turtle to school! We didn't find out until one of the other teachers told us about his earlier conversation with her about the turtle.