Sidney Moncrief, Milwaukee Bucks No. 5

Milwaukee Bucks picked Arkansas' Sidney Moncrief sixth in the 1979 NBA Draft. Moncrief finished third in his class based on win-shares, behind Magic Johnson and Bill Laimbeer.

Moncrief was an All-NBA first-teamer in 1983 and the four years before. In those years, he was a five-time All-Star and four-time All-NBA defensive pick.

Van Fayaz helped me research how the Bucks drafted Moncrief. Moncrief made the list despite the notion that he was traded to the Pistons. 

Moncrief is my highest-ranked retired Buck who played most of his career there. Injuries ended his 11-year NBA career. Ten years were in Milwaukee and one in Atlanta

Due to Kareem Abdul-notoriety Jabbar's and time with the Lakers, I believe Moncrief is the finest retired Buck of all time. Giannis will tie him with 10 seasons next year

Because of the Greek Freak, Moncrief won't be the "best retired Buck" in a decade, but he's the second-greatest player we ever kept.

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