Simple Ways to End Your First Date

Your date might be lovely and you click, or they could be good but not for you. Worst case, they may be bigoted, sexist, or boring.

First dates might be intimidating since you don't know enough about the individual to decide whether you like them

Some dating rules never change. Every action you do shows the world who you are. Be thankful for a first date. Thank them for stopping by and spending time with you.

It's hard to judge chemistry online or over the phone; you must meet in person.
"Chemistry is frequently subtle and intuitive

Be polite and courteous if there's no chemistry. You don't need romantic sentiments to enjoy a date, so thank your date but be clear if asked for a second.

If you enjoyed the night and want to know your date better, tell them. 
It's better to be honest with yourself and your date so you don't waste time.