Sleepy wildlife moments that are just incredible

Yawning may be found in almost every vertebrate species. And yawning is usually related with tiredness in many species, including birds. However, this is not the case.

 seals  yawn commonly among marine animals. This might be due to exhaustion, boredom, or a desire to rehydrate the braint would go viral. But, given the value of the footage, it happened!

Tigers are one of the most known and popular of the world's great animal species, and when they yawn, they show off their incisors, canines, and sections of their premolars

Some researchers believe that felines yawn to communicate.  Furthermore, your cat's trust and devotion are demonstrated by his sleeping on your lap.

Otters are social and playful, and they may hunt for three to five hours a day—a excellent cause to rest after all that exertion by enjoying a well-deserved sleep.

This gorgeous huge cat spends the day in thickets, amid boulders, or across tree branches, and is most active from dark to morning.