Starbucks Barista Reveals Top Drinks 'Exposed'

A Starbucks worker shared the chain's little-known facts.The lead Starbucks barista shared five facts about popular menu items on her TikTok channel @swaze9089.

@swaze9089 told Newsweek he wanted to teach people about Starbucks and coffee. "The response surprised me."

Over two million people have seen the content online in two weeks.In the chain's macchiatos, the espresso shot goes on top.

Starbucks' macchiatos aren't traditional. Macchiatos are espresso with foamed milk. Starbucks' Latte Macchiato and Caramel Macchiato are mostly milk with espresso.

Baristas at other shops are angry because Starbucks customers purchase an ordinary macchiato and then remark it's not like a Starbucks version.

Barista's second fact: blonde espresso contains more caffeine. Starbucks' blonde espresso uses Latin American and East African beans.