Strategies to get a better night's sleep

Sleep is an important aspect of life, but far too many people struggle to get enough of it each night. Poor sleep and disorders like insomnia are caused by a variety of causes

Even if your bedroom is dark, light may filter in via windows and beneath doors, causing sleep disruption. Invest in a sleep mask that is both pleasant to wear and covers your eyes properly

Turning down the temperature only a few degrees to make your bedroom more pleasant and conducive to sleep is a wonderful approach to conducive to sleep

A dark room is also necessary for optimal sleep, and blackout curtains might help you sleep better if you're regularly woken up by lights inside or outside your home

If earplugs don't work for you, a white noise machine can assist mute any bothersome ambient sounds while also relaxing.

Doing some physical activity in the evenings will help ensure you're nice and weary when it's time to go to bed.

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