Strawberry hack is a must-try

We're all strawberry fans. Maybe it's the bright red hue. Maybe the sweetness keeps us coming back. But we adore strawberries. Prep and cutting are tedious. 

 Depending on your recipe, slicing berries might be arduous.
@tstafferskemnahb demonstrates her hack in a recent TikTok video. This strawberry use is a game-changer. 

It's a clever plan. We'd never do this!
They look delicious. You want them all. Using strawberry tops is brilliant. Most throw them. Strawberry scrap vinegar is great.

See how TikTok feels. @petree57: "Didn't know. Many thanks.” @grammasofia said, "Geez. I've been composting them. LOL! I'll try it."

Strawberry vinegar is popular. Some suggested using strawberry tips. Strawberry vodka, remarked @Amy Banack. LOL!” @Wild Oats said, "I create syrup using strawberry tops."

 Amazing." Both ideas work. Watch @tstafferskemnahb's TikTok if you liked this one. You'll discover scrapbooking tips.