Swimmers are warned to avoid a lake that has a large crocodile attack on it

It was in Western Australia's Lake Eyre when a big crocodile attacked a woman who was swimming in an area of water that was normally considered safe for swimmers.

The crocodile attacked the 38-year-old woman's leg when she was swimming in Lake Argyle, near Butler Cove, according to the ABC.

Shortly afterward, a massive crocodile, with a length of up to eight feet, was spotted lurking in the lake.

According to ABC Australia, the woman was brought to the hospital for treatment of her injuries and is now in a stable state.

Apparently, this was not the first occasion that this particular crocodile had caused a commotion among the general public.

Because of this, they may begin to seek out humans, assuming that they are a source of food, which may result in violent behaviour.