Thank-you gift from a Cardinal visiting a bird feeder

Many people place bird feeders outside their windows to enjoy the beautiful birds. And it's amazing to see the variety of birds

Our favourite is the Cardinal because they are rare.A Cardinal is a symbol of receiving a message from a deceased loved one. It's an angel saying hello. But they're back for more!

The Cardinal who visited this TikTok user left more than a message. Red Cardinal outside her window by the bird food, @elizabeth.dodds shared.

The bird appears to be seeking food, but instead drops an unknown gift, according to the creator! It's as if the Cardinal left a gift. Cute!

What a thoughtful birdie! This truly warmed our hearts! That was so sweet, @Brandy Donaldson said. 

We're sure the birds and squirrels enjoy the food you leave out for them. She even puts an apple out every morning. Aww!