The Chicken Oyster Is Best for Americans

Costco's rotisserie chickens are delicious. My favourite method to eat roasted chicken is to pick at it, and I usually go for the oyster first.

The chicken's oyster is placed behind the backbone. There are two right where the chicken's bottom half starts, just past the thighs, in a shallow bowl-shaped bone

Both oysters will slip out if you remove the skin and apply pressure.It's clear because the two chunks of flesh resemble oysters. The shallow bone cradles the sensitive flesh.

These morsels are delicious for many reasons. If you roast breast-side up, they don't get exposed to direct heat since they're on the bottom. No of the approach, they cook gently.

If you buy a bird and butcher it, it's simple to mangle or leave the oysters on the back.

If you roast a chicken or buy a rotisserie chicken, turn it over and remove the organs before anybody else can. Even in the vehicle! Then pick at it like I do; that's how you eat a chicken.