The Hot Whopper Limited-Edition

Burger King's original Whopper debuted in 1957 to tremendous acclaim Flame-grilled beef patty on sesame seed bread with lettuce, tomato, pickles, mayo, ketchup, and onion

The California Whopper included bacon, Swiss cheese, and guacamole. The Impossible Whopper's plant-based patty became a permanent fixture. 

The National Franchise Association believes the A1 Halloween Whopper was created to celebrate with black buns.

Burger King adds a new Whopper for a short period to keep its menu fresh.  Burger King Canada locations only This new burger doesn't feature bizarrely coloured buns, but it's sure to please Canadians.

Stateside consumers were dismayed when Burger King Canada tweeted the news. One Twitter user called the news "disappointing."

Burger King Canada said, "May have to come to Canada." For now, sweet 'n spicy burgers are only available in Canada. The Street says they may not have it that long if it's not popular.