The One 'Rule' Fast-Food Workers Break

That profit is obviously only going to one area in the realm of business, whether retail, manufacturing, or restaurant. 

According to CNN, Coca-Cola dismissed one employee in 2003 for drinking Pepsi at work, and another in 1985 for marrying a PepsiCo employee, according to AP News.

To be honest, there is no "law" in place, but any high management employee will tell you they prefer to retain their money in their company rather than their competitors'.

Maybe, just maybe, the world of fast food is a little gentler than Twitter would have you think.

This is your indication to offer your next door Starbucks a bowl for some coffee," the description said. This seems to spark debate among commentators.

According to one user, "meal exchanges" are already illegal and management would just tighten the noose around the activity.