The Owner of the Gonzo Brothel Who Stole $550 Million from the United States Government

Eric C. Conn is a flamboyant figure straight out of a crime film, and that's precisely how he intended to be perceived, envisioning himself as Eastern Kentucky's own James Bond

Conn rose to national prominence as the perpetrator of the greatest Social Security fraud in history, with a total loss of over $550 million

The Big Conn (May 5) on Apple TV+ revisits Conn's crazy voyage, albeit, like so many current docuseries, it does so with a thoroughness that occasionally borders on overkill

In their four-part investigation, directors James Lee Hernandez and Brian Lazarte leave no stone unturned

and almost no major character unmentioned—in delving at Conn's scheme

and how it wrought unintended disaster on those who were supposed to benefit from it.