The ultimate guide to making produce last longer

The average family wastes more than 30% of the food it buys, which is a stunning number with both financial and environmental implications

Some of this waste may be avoided by properly storing goods to prevent rotting, especially when combined with better shopping and meal-planning practises

When preserving fresh  vegetables, three factors must be considered: ethylene, ventilation, and temperature.
Some fruits naturally exude ethylene gas, which speeds up the ripening  of neighbouring food

Store apples in the refrigerator to keep them from becoming mealy. To prevent early decomposition, keep other produce away from this high-ethylene-producing fruit

Avocados should be stored in a cool part of the kitchen and transferred to the refrigerator if you aren't ready to consume them when they've fully matured.

Because bananas produce a lot of ethylene gas, it's best to keep them on the counter alone, preferably hanging from a banana hook so they don't get squashed

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