The US military's thermal weapon hurts.

NPR reported this week that a military police officer asked on June 1 whether the D.C. National Guard had a pain-inducing heat weapon for demonstrators.

He inquired about an aural communication system similar to the "voice of God."

The idea that a contentious weapon was mentioned as a potential way to deal with "peaceful demonstrators" has generated controversy, with the ACLU tweeting,

"Our government shouldn't be plotting to employ heat rays against us for expressing our fundamental rights."
The US military's ADS isn't new. 

LRAD is a communications system, not a weapon like ADS. The 2000 assault on the USS Cole showed that providing the military a method to talk effectively from afar may be valuable

The gadgets generate a 30-degree beam of sound that may reach 250 to 1,500 yards. Each armed branch and the National Guard utilise it; the Navy has one on each ship, he adds.