The Weekly Maximum Allowable Amount of Eggs

Eggs have a reputation for being a little scrambled.  Eggs have recently received a poor name for being heavy in cholesterol and lacking in heart-healthy qualities.

According to Food Network, one big egg has 6 grammes of high-quality protein and just 70 calories, making it an excellent source of several critical elements.

How do you know which one it is? How do eggs affect your health?
"Both" is the correct answer, as is the case with most such questions.

Moderation" is the crucial word here, as it is with so many other wonderful things. If you want to get the health advantages of your egg avocado toast without overdoing it

consumers eat no more than seven eggs each week. If you're a healthy person, the American Heart Association recommends that you consume one egg per day in your diet

Additionally, the Cleveland Clinic's registered dietician Nicole Hopsecger suggests one egg a day or half a dozen each week.

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