the world's most destructive snail, seen in Florida

A huge African snail sighting in Florida prompted a parasitic quarantine. A huge African land snail was discovered near New Port Richey on June 23.

Giant African snails are invasive. They're the world's worst snails.

Leaves, flowers, bark, plants, veggies, cucumbers, peppers, and animal bones. They consume paint and stucco when they're hungry.

They breed quickly and have both male and female reproductive organs. This snail lays 1,750 eggs annually.

These snails may contain a parasite that causes meningitis in people and animals. In Florida, Georgia, and other places, they've harmed crops.

African giant snails live 9 years."Cooked or frozen African snails may be shipped to the U.S. Miami Gardens' Margaret Lanier buys them frozen. she said. "I'll fry it."