These are the most at danger for wildfire in the US.

Several devastating fires have already started in the West before the warmest, driest months. A fast-moving fire burned 20 houses in an upscale Orange County enclave Wednesday night. 

Large fires have burnt more acres in New Mexico in the first five months of this year than any other year in the last decade.

Residential wildfire danger exists in the West. Wildfires are difficult to measure due to their nature, unlike floods. Wind may carry embers and sparks far, igniting trees and structures.

The danger will climb in Southern states like Texas and Florida, as well as Appalachian areas like West Virginia, Kentucky, and Pennsylvania.

Ed Kearns, First Street's chief analytics officer, said Appalachia and the southeast are at high danger.

These locations have verdant woods and trees. In Florida and the Southeast, climate change appears different, but fire is just as hazardous