Tidbits of wisdom that will make your life simpler

When You're Powerless, It's ToughIn the same way that you were, I was a defenceless, butterball-sized creature.

Be a Gentleman to the Largest FishWe had three brothers, and I was the youngest. I may be buried under the snow if I didn't behave properly around my brothers.

With cake, everything is better. Whatever kind of cake you choose. In the absence of cake, what's the point of this?

Playing games is an enjoyable pastime.You'd be surprised to learn that even in real life there's a certain amount of arithmetic and strategy.

It's a Pleasure to Help Others. Math was introduced in the first grade.You can't "outwork" other 6-year-olds to become proficient at multiplication if you are a 6-year-old... It's all down to chance.)

First impressions are only impressions, not facts.At school, there was a new student who was very cool. A month later, he had changed into a true jerk. Oops.