Tucker Carlson inspired the Buffalo shooting, says Seth Meyers

Seth Meyers launched his first programme after a white supremacist slaughtered 10 people at a Buffalo supermarket by bemoaning the "total misery" of a "story we've seen dozens and hundreds of times."

Meyers then went to one of the primary personalities who helped propagate the terrorist's terrible ideology: Fox News presenter Tucker Carlson.

Noting that the deadly white supremacist conspiracy theory known as the Great Replacement is not just highly racist and demeaning, Meyers remarked at the start of his newest “A Closer Look” programme.

Carlson previously said that "all white supremacists in the nation could fit in a college football stadium."

Meyers determined that the beliefs in the Buffalo shooter's manifesto are not only "clearly racist, deadly, and degrading," but also "very foolish."

Nobody is replaced. No limit exists. “It's not like there's a bouncer who only allows two in when two leave,” he stated afterwards. No one is displaced by newcomers.