Tuesday, July 5, 2022 Horoscopes for 3 Zodiac Signs

It's your birthday season, so you're probably feeling great about being a Leo. Today, you're at conflict with many individuals, so you desire to be alone.

You know your happy zone and want to get there, whether it's watching documentaries about veganism all day or thinking about where you'll live eventually.

It's 'just another day' for you, which suggests that you're bored with your routine. This might also mean you've been sick and are going crazy from idleness.

Left to your own devices, you're delighted to sit and imagine, but enough is enough.

Moon-trine Pluto makes everything you do 'too much' today, Scorpio. When you're feeling good about life and eager to do something exciting, you quickly go overboard. You'll regret today's spending.

At some point, you'll start actively insulting others to see how far they go. You can't believe how sensitive people are nowadays, and you don't think you're to blame.