Watermelon Side Effects

You may encounter some watermelon side effects beyond its nutritious value. You may be surprised.

Watermelon contains FODMAP fructose. People with digestive disorders like IBS may need to restrict FODMAPs.

Watermelon's antioxidants destroy free radicals. Unchecked, free radicals may cause cancer.

Satiety is fullness after a meal. Finding meals that boost fullness helps with portion control. Satisfied makes portion control simpler.
Food volume contributes to satiety.

Nutrients researchers showed that consuming 2 cups of watermelon per day improves satiety and weight control. Comparing watermelon to isocaloric cookies. 

A new research indicated that watermelon may be a migraine cause. Watermelon, passion fruit, orange, pineapple, grape, banana, cucumber, and papaya were studied.