Which is better: Netflix or Amazon Prime?

Netflix is losing market share owing to rising competition and costs.Amazon Prime Video is Netflix's greatest subscription rival. Prime Video is a respectable streaming platform

Prime Video data source. If we were doing an apples-to-apples comparison, we'd throw out Amazon Prime, as you don't need it for Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is cheaper than the cheapest Netflix package at $8.99 vs. $9.99. Higher video quality and several feeds are included.

Netflix fans will require the Standard package to watch on multiple devices. More than two streams need the $19.99 Premium package.
Every Prime Video package includes multiple streams.

Amazon Prime Video is enough. You'll receive HD material by default and 4K if available.
Netflix differs. Basic $9.99 Netflix only offers 480p SD resolution

Both providers have different download limits. Netflix allows 100 active downloads, whereas Prime Video allows 25. Both platforms have the same viewing time. 

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