Why the Banana Panic?

A Takeout reader recently contacted us to refute a scary myth concerning... bananas.

In the first inch of a ‘nana, a former coworker who attended expensive nighttime culinary lessons said tarantulas deposit their eggs

I recently urged everyone to let go of their banana phobias. Bananas of various colours, textures, bruises, and threads have (wonderful) worth.

Flowers [of which the banana is the berry] change too quickly for eggs. An egg sac protected by a huntsman spider... Other banana plant species do the same.

 Rarely, a spider may lay an egg sac on the outside of a mature banana. Even the most ravenous shopper would struggle to overlook it.

The eggs, which were on the banana's skin and not within, were probably harmless spider eggs. It's still awful, but not something you'd eat.