Wife and son witness tragic accident as man jumps down 100-foot cliff

A visitor died after leaping from a cliff in Majorca, Spain.According to the New York Post, the Dutch man's wife and kid took photos of the collision

On Thursday in the Malgrats Islands, a 31-year-old man attempted to jump from a 100-foot precipice into the ocean as his family was nearby.

The guy found out too late that he wouldn't make it past the rocks and fell into the river. His scream was audible in the footage as his wife said “Oh my god!”

According to the Majorca Daily Bulletin, his family paid for the boat so he could be seen jumping.  Guardia Civil, Calvia police,  Maritime Safety and Civil Protection all responded to the complaint

of a missing individual, although it is unclear whether they are investigating. Tourists love to cliff jump.

A rescue boat, helicopter, and Guardia Civil divers found his corpse in the water.