Wine Can Take Years Off Your Life in 4 Ways

Even while red wine is the healthiest alcoholic beverage of all, too much of anything—even something as antioxidant-rich as a glass of pinot noir—has its drawbacks.

When it comes to alcohol, keep in mind that any amount of intake, including wine, might put you at risk of stroke. who consumed four alcoholic beverages per day had a 38 percent higher risk of stroke 

If you drink too much wine on a regular basis, it might harm your liver. Women who drank seven or more alcoholic drinks per week had a greater chance of developing liver cirrhosis

Pancreatitis risk is increased. Heavy alcohol intake is linked to pancreatitis, or inflammation of the pancreas

It's possible that you'll live 1-2 years less. Approximately 40,000 fatalities occurred among the nearly 600,000 persons who reported consuming alcohol

Scientists discovered a link between alcohol consumption and all-cause mortality, with persons who had the lowest risk of death drinking just approximately 100 grammes of alcohol per week