Woman accuses 'Yoga Barbie' of spreading Satanism on Facebook

The lady posted a "Yoga Barbie" at Target, stating "Satan always looks innocent." No horns or pitchforks for him."

Yasmeen Suri is a certified ordained preacher, professional vocalist, and speaker globally, according to her website.

Suri says in a Facebook post that yoga Barbie contains "5 guided meditations," saying you can't separate the postures from Hinduism.

Yoga's beginnings are likewise unknown due to its age, presumably predating Christianity and "Satanism."

It has Hindu and Buddhist origins, but as we all know, it has numerous contemporary versions as a means of relaxation.

She says Satan wants to indoctrinate your kids and use them for glory, and as they grow, they will become rebellious, sad, and suicidal.

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