Woman Finds a Cat in Her House, and the Cat's Reaction Is Perfect

An intruder should aim to get in and depart fast. Right? Because they risk being captured the slower they move.

Some masterminds don't plan well. Other masterminds, or master cats, don't fear being detected. In their minds, it's theirs.

TikTok user @juliabadewrites videotaped herself discovering a little invader.

The video declares, "We don't own a cat," yet a cat lounges on a bed as if he does. How? His reply suggests he understood what he was doing.

LOL! He's serious?! He acts as though it's an inconvenience for them to come to HIS house. Creator believes dogs let cat in. Power transmission, huh?

How often can one person or cat experience this? We assume the cosmos told the 3-dog home they needed a cat.