Wordle June 2 Answers, Hints

Thursday! Wow. What a day for a new Wordle. It's a cheeky one today, so we're here to assist with hints. Wordle #348's answer is at the bottom of this post.

Wordle was designed as a present for Josh Wardle's spouse but quickly went viral. Thousands of people play this game daily, and aficionados have built other Wordle variants.

Squabble, Heardle, Dordle, and Quordle make you guess many words at once.
The NYT acquired the word puzzle game, and TikTok developers broadcast themselves playing.

Happiness is the finest Wordle beginning word. If you prefer a strategic rather an emotive approach, we have several starting suggestions. Choose a word with at least two vowels plus T, S, or N.

Wordle has a Hard Mode if you find it too easy. Wordle isn't getting tougher, however.
Unlike Highlander, Wordle solutions are usually unique

It's an adjective, June 2 Wordle clue. It has many "special" letters (i.e. those less common ones that rack up the points in Scrabble).Ooh, fun: Y is today's response.